Masamitsu Hayashi


B.S. Tohoku Univeristy, 2000
M.S. Tohoku University, 2002
Ph.D Stanford University, 2007


2007-2008 Post-doctoral fellow, IBM Almaden Reserach Center
2008- Senior Research Scientist, National Institute for Materials Science
2016- Associate professor, The University of Tokyo


2009 IBM MRC Best paper award
2014 Funai Foundation for Information Technology award
2014 Sir Martin Wood prize
2015 NIMS president award
2015 International union of physics and applied physics (IUPAP), Young scientist prize
2016 The Commendation for Science and Technology by MEXT, The Young Scientists’ Prize
2021 The JSPS Prize, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Prize

Selected publiations

The spin Nernst effect in Tungsten
P. Sheng, Y. Sakuraba, Y.-C. Lau, S. Takahashi, S. Mitani, M. Hayashi
Science Advances 3, e1701503 (2017)

Spin Hall magnetoresistance in metallic bilayers
J Kim, P Sheng, S Takahashi, S Mitani, M Hayashi
Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 097201 (2016)

Interface control of the magnetic chirality in CoFeB/MgO heterostructures with heavy-metal underlayers
J Torrejon, J Kim, J Sinha, S Mitani, M Hayashi, M Yamanouchi, H Ohno
Nature Comm. 5, 4655 (2014)

Layer thickness dependence of the current-induced effective field vector in Ta|CoFeB|MgO
J Kim, J Sinha, M Hayashi, M Yamanouchi, S Fukami, T Suzuki, S Mitani, H. Ohno
Nature Mater. 12, 240 (2013)

Time-domain observation of the spinmotive force in permalloy nanowires
M Hayashi, J Ieda, Y Yamane, J Ohe, YK Takahashi, S Mitani, S Maekawa
Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 147202 (2012)

Current-controlled magnetic domain-wall nanowire shift register
M Hayashi, L Thomas, R Moriya, C Rettner, SSP Parkin
Science 320, 209 (2008)

Magnetic domain-wall racetrack memory
SSP Parkin, M Hayashi and L Thomas
Science 320, 190 (2008)

Direct observation of the coherent precession of magnetic domain walls propagating along permalloy nanowires
M Hayashi, L Thomas, C Rettner, R Moriya, SSP Parkin
Nature Phys. 3, 21 (2007)

Current driven domain wall velocities exceeding the spin angular momentum transfer rate in permalloy nanowires
M Hayashi, L Thomas, C Rettner, R Moriya, YB Bazaliy, SSP Parkin
Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 037204 (2007)

Oscillatory dependence of current-driven magnetic domain wall motion on current pulse length
L Thomas, M Hayashi, X Jiang, R Moriya, C Rettner, SSP Parkin
Nature 443, 197 (2006)

Influence of current on field-driven domain wall motion in permalloy nanowires from time resolved measurements of anisotropic magnetoresistance
M Hayashi, L Thomas, YB Bazaliy, C Rettner, R Moriya, X Jiang, SSP Parkin
Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 197207 (2006)